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To publish your Sinhala remix songs on www.sldownload.net web site, please upload or email us your song(s) with following details.

Upload My Sinhala Remix DJ Songs
  • Your song must be an mp3 or wav format file
  • Include an image for your profile picture
  • Create a text file (.txt) including...
    1. Your email address ( This will not be published )
    2. Your facebook profile URL
    3. Name Of The Song
  • Make a .zip file including all of those 3 items (song, profile image, text file)
  • Make sure that the name of the .zip file same as your song name
  • Then upload the zip file below or attach the zip file to email and send email to sldownload.net@gmail.com
  • if you are sending the song via email, please make sure that the subject of the email is " Publish my song ".

Upload your song files ( .ZIP or .MP3 ) here ( Maximum File Size is 50MB ! )

Upload Your .MP3 or .ZIP Files Here. Selected artists will receive a cash prize.